Web Build of a game, which can be downloaded at https://walik.itch.io/trans-mission

You are an admin of a blog that is supportive and uplifting for transgender people, but you get comments from various sources. Your blog should be safe from hateful and transphobic comments.

Use arrow keys to decide if a comment should be BANNED or LIKED.

If you choose wrong, you will lose 1 star from your rating. Losing all 3 will result in getting a warning.

Beware of SugarMountain warnings, as they can shut down your blog!

Your aim is to get to 1 million followers. Good luck! Credits: Patryk Walicki, Filip Stolarczuk, Joanna Kamelska, Agnieszka Rudak


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It was so nice ! I got a little hard time understanding the commands but once I was in it was awesome ! thank you for creating this ^^